Windows 7

Fixing temporary profile issues in Windows

A domain PC user could not access their profile. All documents and settings were gone, and an error similar to 'Using default system profile' popped up on login. Upon checking the event logs, the computer could not resolve the dns of the domain controller over the vpn. I attempted to remotely remove the pc from the domain but could not add it back. I even tried using the C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file to simulate the proper name resolution, but to no avail. I had the PC brought to the main office, where it was able to be joined back on the domain.

Windows Downgrades - Be sure you have Pro!

Yesterday my superior at work purchased a Dell XPS tower from Best Buy with Windows 8.1 with the intentions of using it as a high-power camera viewing station for a customer. However, after the purchase, the customer emailed us that they required Windows 7 due to 'issues with IE11' with their proprietary web software. I was tasked with the downgrade and told that there is not enough money in the job to purchase Windows 7 new.

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