Windows Downgrades - Be sure you have Pro!

Yesterday my superior at work purchased a Dell XPS tower from Best Buy with Windows 8.1 with the intentions of using it as a high-power camera viewing station for a customer. However, after the purchase, the customer emailed us that they required Windows 7 due to 'issues with IE11' with their proprietary web software. I was tasked with the downgrade and told that there is not enough money in the job to purchase Windows 7 new. After some research, I found that neither Windows 10 (which is now released) nor Windows 8.1 (non-pro) do not have licensed downgrade rights, meaning I would be stuck with a machine with non-genuine Windows. This would have resulted in some nasty phone calls! I informed my boss that this was not possible as only the Pro editions offer this service. I also found that only OEM Pro editions are able to do this, so using a Pro Pack upgrade (just to downgrade it) would not work either as it is considered retail.
We just decided to go with another machine.

Some other tips I found for when ACTUALLY downgrading from a Windows 7 CD:
- In the BIOS, turn off both Secure Boot and Virtualization Technology
- Also set Boot Mode to 'CSM' in the BIOS
- Be sure all drivers are going to be compatible beforehand (especially when downgrading a laptop)

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